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Explain application layer with its services
What is OSI model ? Explain the functions, protocols and services of each layer
Describe OSI reference model in detail. OR Discuss the services of each layer of OSI reference model. OR Explain functionalities of every layer in OSI..
Write a note on ARPANET

Write a note on ARPANET

Computer Network

Explain the functioning of email gateway
What are the basic functions of email system ?
Explain about email architecture and services OR Frite a short note on electronic mail
Define DNS and its requirement. Explain the specific features of it
How does DNS perform data name resolution ? What are the different types of name servers ? Mention the DNS message format for query and reply messages..
Compare and contrast TCP with RTP. Are both doing the same things ?
What are the problems for full implementation of voice over IP ? Did you think we will stop using the telephone network very soon ?
Write a short note on voice over IP
Differentiate between the block cipher with transposition cipher
Distinguish between symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography
Define cryptography with the help of block diagram of symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography
Describe data compression. What are the techniques/types of data compression ?
R Q Q a Time Que 2.25. Describe the Go-back-NARQ protocol. OR Write a short note on Go-back-N ARQ
Sketch the Manchester and differential Manchester encoding for the bit stream: 0001110101
Given a 10-bit sequence 1010011110 and a divisor of 1011. Find the CRC. Check your answer
Which are the requirements of CRC ?
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