How can I cut/trim my video if I want to upload a shorts ?

Once you have uploaded the video you will get the option to trim it.

What is the maximum duration of a short video ?

You can upload a short video of not more than 60 seconds for now.

What is the maximum size of a video that I can upload on vdube ?

10 GB, You can upload a single file not more than 10 GB in size.

How many videos can I upload to Vdube ?

No there no limit to uploading videos to Vdube. You can upload unlimited videos.

How much space does Vdube Provides ?

Vdube provides unlimited space for hosting videos, but limiting to a single video file can't be larger than 10GB

Do I need to have an account on Vdube for watching videos/content ?

No, you need not to have an account on vdube to watch any video as of now, but you may however need to register/login to upload, like any video.