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⁣Using the function 'sqrt', Excel will calculate the square root of a number for you.

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⁣Learn how to replace dots with commas in Microsoft Excel.

Convert selected decimal points (dots) in your spreadsheet to commas using the replace and find tool.

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⁣Learn how to remove automatically generated hyperlinks in Microsoft Excel.

To remove a hyperlink simply select the cell which has the email or website attached to it. Right click the cell and a list of options will come up, select 'remove hyperlink'.

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⁣Learn the shortcut on how to get to the last cell in your Excel Spreadsheet.

Using the hotkey Ctrl + down arrow key you can get to the last row of your spreadsheet. Likewise to get to the last column use the hotkey Ctrl + right arrow key.

For Excel 2010 there is 1,048,576 rows and the last column is XFD.

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⁣Learn how to create new worksheets in Microsoft Excel, this tutorial also covers how to rename, move and delete worksheets.

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⁣Steps to create a drop down list:

1. Select the cell or cells you want the drop down list to appear on
2. Go to the Data tab and select 'Data Validation'
3. Select 'list' for validation criteria
4. For the option source, select the range of options you have entered on your spreadsheet
5. Click ok and apply changes, you now have a drop down list

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⁣How to use the LEN function in Microsoft Excel to count the number of characters in a cell
containing text.

The function 'LEN' requires a cell containing text, for example LEN(A1) where A1 has text. One
thing to note about the LEN function is that any character will be counted this includes spaces between words and periods.

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⁣Corrupting an Excel file is useful for handing in documents to teachers or employees which are incomplete but nearing their due date. This will give you more time to hand in your non corrupted document when they request a resend.

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⁣How to copy and paste only the result from a cell that has a formula in it in Microsoft Excel.

Pasting only the resultant cell can be done by using the hotkey 'ctrl + shift + v' after copying a cell, this will bring up a special paste menu, then select the option called 'values'.

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⁣The cube root of a number can be found using the function 'Power', for example, the cube root of 125 would be power(125,1/3). This method can be extended to find the nth root of any number

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⁣Learn how to calculate a person's age from their date of birth and the current date in Microsoft Excel.

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⁣Learn how to sort a column by alphabetical order in Microsoft Excel.

Steps to sorting data by alphabetical order:

1. Select the range of data that requires alphabetization
2. Go to Data tab
3. Select 'Sort'
4. Click 'ok'

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⁣To unhide a column, drag and hold your cursor over the two adjacent cells to the hidden cell, so that they are under your selection and then right click the selection and press

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⁣There is two methods for typing the checkmark symbol:

1. Navigate to the insert tab on the toolbar, select symbols and search for the font 'Wingdings', the checkmark symbol will be on the bottom right

2. Alternatively the checkmark symbol can be typed out with a keyboard shortcut by selecting the font 'Wingdings' in the home tab and holding alt + 0252 on the numpad.

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⁣Learn how switch columns around in Microsoft Excel using drag and drop.

Steps to switch columns:

1. Select the column by clicking your mouse on the letter denoting that column

2. Place your cursor on the very edge of the column

3. Hold shift and drag the column to where you want to swap it

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⁣learn how to save your Excel file as csv (comma separated values) format in this quick tutorial on Windows 10

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⁣Learn how to round up numbers in Microsoft Excel to the nearest integer or nearest decimal.

To round a number in Excel use the function 'ROUND' or 'ROUNDUP' to round a number up.

The format of the 'ROUND' function requests what cell to round and what decimal point to round to.

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⁣To format the size of data points in a scatter plot graph, right click any of the data points and select 'format data series' then select marker options and customize for larger or smaller
data points.

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