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SOHCAHTOA - Finding Missing Angles | Trigonometry | Maths

Published on 12/07/20 / In Education / Mathematics

⁣In this video we will discover how to find a missing angle in a right angle triangle, when we already know the lengths of two sides. We use SOHCAHTOA to do this. You should already know what SOHCAHTOA is and how to use it. We saw how to find missing sides in other videos, and so missing angles is a very similar process. Substitute the sides into either sin(angle) = opposite / hypotenuse, cos(angle) = adjacent / hypotenuse, tan(angle) = opposite / adjacent. This means you have a value for the right hand side of the equation, but are left with either sin(angle) or cos(angle) or tan(angle) on the other side. To then get the (angle) on its own, we need to 'divide' by sin, cos or tan. To do this we use the inverse sin, inverse cos or inverse tan. This is written as sin^-1 cos^-1 or tan^-1 on your calculator. And that gives you a value for the angle.

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