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Green Chemistry Principles - Catalysts - Environmental Chemistry - Chemistry

Published on 19 Mar 2021 / In Science & Technology / Chemistry

⁣Learn the basics about the principle of green chemistry that concerns catalysis, as a part of environmental chemistry.

A catalyst increases the rate of a chemical reaction. This means that desired products can be made more quickly, using a lower energy pathway.

A catalyst is regenerated so it can be reused over and over again.

Catalysts can however be expensive.

In industry, research into the desulfurization of fuels is taking place to reduce atmospheric sulphur. Catalysts are being developed to remove sulphur from fuels to prevent atmospheric issues later, such as acid rain.

Fuel cells are also being developed, as they do not require fossil fuels to be burnt. However, electrocatalysis is also being undertaken to improve the efficiency of redox reactions that take place in these cells.

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