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Anamika - Season - 01 - Episode - 11 - 10th December 2012

Published on 02/04/23 / In Film & Animation

Family members are extremely happy as Jeet has won the match. Family celebrates Jeet's victory. Bebee and Pratap are having a serious discussion on Rano and Jeet's marriage. Bebee reveals to Rano that she already had a word with Pratap in regards to her marriage with Jeet. What do you think will be Pratap's final decision? Will Jeet agree?

"India is a land of myths & legends -- bathed in endless fables founded in the centuries of profound history ... legends of the real and the imaginary, of the known and the unknown, of the living and the supernatural. One such unexplained legend, that of a 'Chudail' continues to bewilder us over the centuries.
Anamika explores this intriguing world full of love, jealousy and the supernatural. It is the story of Jeet and Rano, childhood friends who are getting married. Just when the world looks perfect and blissful for Rano, Anamika enters their lives.
Who is Anamika ? Will Rano succeed in protecting her world from the supernatural powers of Anamika? Will she be able to save Jeet from Anamika?
... to know the answers, watch Anamika, coming soon on PLAYSTUDIOS."

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