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Pocahontas (1995) Mine Mine Mine

Published on 03/13/23 / In Music

⁣Ratcliffe: The gold of Cortes
The jewels of Pizarro
Will seem like mere trinkets
By this time tomorrow
The gold we find here
Will dwarf them by far
Oh, with all ya got in ya, boys
Dig up Virginia, boys

Mine, boys, mine ev'ry mountain
And dig, boys, dig 'til ya drop
Grab a pick, boys
Quick, boys
Shove in a shovel
Uncover those lovely
Pebbles that sparkle and shine
It's gold and it's mine, mine, mine

English Settlers: Dig and dig and dig and diggety...
Dig and dig and dig and diggety...

Wiggins: Hey nonny nonny
Ho nonny nonny
Ratcliffe: Oh, how I love it!
Wiggins: Hey nonny nonny
Ho nonny nonny
Ratcliffe: Riches for cheap!
Wiggins: Hey nonny nonny
Ho nonny nonny
Ratcliffe and Wiggins: There'll be heaps of it...

Ratcliffe: And I'll be on top of the heap!
My rivals back home
It's not that I'm bitter
But think how they'll squirm
When they see how I glitter!
The ladies at court
Will be all a-twitter
The king will reward me
He'll knight me... no, lord me!

It's mine, mine, mine
For the taking
It's mine, boys
Mine me that gold!
With those nuggets dug...

It's glory they'll gimme
My dear friend, King Jimmy
Will probably build me a shrine
Ratcliffe, Wiggins, and Percy: When all of the gold...
Ratcliffe: ...is mine!

English Settlers: Dig and dig and dig and diggety
Dig and dig and dig and diggety-dig!

Smith: All of my life, I have searched for a land
Like this one
A wilder, more challenging country
I couldn't design
Hundreds of dangers await
And I don't plan to miss one
In a land I can claim
A land I can tame
The greatest adventure is mine!

Ratcliffe: Keep on working, lads
Don't be shirking, lads
Mine, boys, mine
Mine me that gold
Beautiful gold

English Settlers: Mine
Find a mother lode
Then find another load!
Dig! Dig! and diggety
Dig! Dig! for that gold

All: Make this island
My land!

Ratcliffe: Make the mounds big, boys
I'd help you to dig, boys
But I've got this crick in me spine

Smith: This land we behold...

Ratcliffe: This beauty untold...

Smith: A man can be bold!

Ratcliffe: It all can be sold!
And the gold

English Settlers: So go for the gold
We know which is here
All the riches here
From this minute
This land and what's in it is
Dig and dig and diggety-dig!
Hey nonny nonny nonny it's mine!

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